TT is facing a clear threat from the coronavirus (Covid-19), not only from a health perspective, but also in terms of TT’s economic stability, the Prime Minister said on Thursday at the post-cabinet press conference. Speaking to reporters at the Dmore..

TT Chamber supports TT Fair Trade Commission

The TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce “fully supports” the implementation of the Fair Trading Act and its regulatory body, the TT Fair Trading Commission (TT FTC). The commission was officially activated on February 13 and, the chamber notedmore..

Bhoe: TT must brace for economic crisis

TT must brace for a looming economic crisis due to the spread of the coronavirus, said former planning minister Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie. He was responding on Thursday to comments by the Prime Minister at a post-Cabinet media conference. Dr Rowley said TTmore..

Two in court for exposing children to weed, alcohol

Two men appeared in the Chaguanas magistrates’ court on Wednesday charged with exposing three children to marijuana, alcohol and tobacco. Christopher Ramnarine, 38, and Jason Partapsingh, 26, of Cunupia were arrested last week Wednesday after repormore..

San Fernando grandmother sleeps with rats after home collapses

AFTER her house collapsed on Ash Wednesday, grandmother of five Elizabeth Cox now has to sleep in an abandoned house infested with rats and roaches. Cox, 55, who broke down in tears as she spoke with Newsday on Thursday, said she believes she is now expemore..

Put down the mobiles

THE EDITOR: TT is dominated by cellphones and laptops. We have lost the art of face-to face-conversation. All over we see people with cellphones to their ears for hours talking about nothing. They cannot engage in an intelligent conversation face-to-face.more..

Minshall’s message

What, if anything, does the victory of Peter Minshall’s Mas Pieta in the Band of the Year competition say about the state of mas more generally? For us the victory underlines the longevity and influence of Minshall’s artistic vision, even as imore..

Les Coteaux man charged with attempted murder

Antonio Marcelle, 20, of Les Coteaux appeared in the Scarborough Magistrate First Court on Wednesday charged with attempted murder. Marcelle, a labourer, stood before Magistrate Indrani Cedeno after allegedly setting 19-year-old Ellena Dial on fire on Jamore..

Division of Health to ramp education drive

The Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development is ramping up its public education drive in the face of widespread misinformation about the novel coronavirus – covid-19 – in Tobago. Dr Tiffany Hoyte, Ag County Medical Officer of Healtmore..

Holistic approach to managing crime vital

THE EDITOR: I laud all our members of Parliament for agreeing to debate and brainstorm possible solutions to our vexed, national issue of crime. Indeed, their decision once again has provided me with yet another opportunity to address crime in TT and whatmore..