Dead Donkey

Jonsey buy a donkey from Ramsingh, a old farmer pardner, for $300.
Ramsingh agree to deliver the donkey the next day. Next day, Ramsingh drive up and said, "Sorry Jonsey, but I have some bad news. The donkey dead."
"Well gie me back meh money," said Jonsey.
"Worse news boy, I went and spen it already."
"OK, then. Just load up the donkey."
"Wha yuh go wid him?" asked Ramsingh.
"You doh worry, I go raffle him."
"You cyar raffle a dead donkey. Yuh mad or what!"
"Who say makin joke. Watch me. I ent tellin nobody he dead,"
said Jonsey.
A month later Ramsingh bounce up Jonsey in the market. "Jonsey, wha happen with yuh dead donkey?"
Jonsey replied, "Ah raffle him off nuh. Ah sell 500 hundred tickets at 5 dollars and ah rake in $2,500.00"
"Nobody eh make noise?"
"Only de fella who win. So ah gie him back he five dollars!"
Author unknown
e-mailed to us by Rae and Ria Lutchmeesingh