UWI U-TURN - Lecturer fired before getting chance to donate $3m salary to needy students

The university lecturer who had promised to give needy students his approximately $3 million in basic salary annually had his contract terminated by The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona, amid questions about his mental state. Dr René...more..

Walcott: Only a psychiatrist can rule a person with bipolar disorder unfit for work

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness identified by extreme mood swings that include emotional highs and lows. A lifelong condition, it is treated with medication and psychological counselling (psychotherapy). Psychiatrist Dr Geoffrey Walcott said a...more..

We’re bound by law, says Integrity Commission - Pryce explains why purchase price used as Holness, Phillips’ real estate value

The eyebrow-raising figures published in the Jamaica Gazette as the value of real estate assets owned by Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips reflect the price at which their properties were acquired and not the...more..

Salmon tops Wolmer’s class in CAPE Unit 2

Having written a number of articles highlighting the achievement of other high school students across the island, the spotlight is now on outgoing deputy head boy of Wolmer’s Boys’ School, David Salmon, who ranked first at the Kingston-based school...more..

Tapia eyes strengthened relations in trade, investment, education as priorities

WASHINGTON, D.C. The new United States (US) Ambassador to Jamaica says he is looking forward to helping to further strengthen the relationship between the two nations.  “From day one, the United States and Jamaica have had a strong...more..

Welsh pardons 140 errant motorists in three days - ACP says educating drivers key as man walks free after reckless stunt at busy intersection

A motorist has been let off the hook after he was caught on a camera performing a daring stunt with a motor vehicle along the busy Dunrobin Avenue in St Andrew. There was no collision, but Dennis Dietrih was summoned by the police yesterday to the...more..

Moravian Church breaks silence on jailed pastor

The Moravian Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands has broken its silence, two years after one of its pastors admitted to having sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 16 years old. In an advertisement in today’s Gleaner, the church...more..

$54M blunder - Phillips’ wife said opposition leader declared real estate assets of $58m, not $3.6m

Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips’ wife has revealed that his 2018 statutory declaration placed the value of the real estate assets owned jointly with her at $58 million and suggested that the Integrity Commission was to blame for the grossly...more..

JTA: Sluggish appeal tribunal hurting teachers

WESTERN BUREAU: Byron Farquharson, secretary general of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA), wants to see a fast-tracking of hearings by the tribunal looking into cases against teachers who are suspended or dismissed. Of the 20 dismissal cases...more..

PNP calls for clear funding plan for schools, CAP audit

Opposition Spokesperson on Education Ronald Thwaites yesterday called for a clear funding plan for schools where parents are unable to pay auxiliary fees. “The schools cannot do without the money – the contributions that come from parental...more..