Not Ruel’s man - CMU’s Pinnock denies chairmanship of Reid foundation as corruption probe deepens

Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) President Fritz Pinnock has distanced himself from Cabinet discard Ruel Reid, denying allegations that he holds chairmanship of a fundraising foundation linked to the former education minister, who was sacked...more..

C-Bar track stars suspended for disobedience, not assault

Calabar High School’s acting principal, Calvin Rowe, has fired back at physics teacher Sanjaye Shaw, accusing the educator of attempting to overstep his boundaries in wanting to dictate what punishment should be meted out to track stars DeJour...more..

Did CMU pay for Ruel Reid's yacht party?... PNP demands answers

The People's National Party (PNP) is turning up the pressure on the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) demanding answers to questions about birthday parties and celebrations for resigned Education Minister Ruel Reid.more..

Rapist has 40-year sentence slashed

A man who raped a woman three times while holding her hostage inside her home for three terrifying hours has had his 40-year sentence slashed by 16 years. The Court of Appeal, in a ruling handed down last Friday, ordered that Neville Barnes, 44,...more..

CARICOM ‘sellouts’ - Furious regional leaders blast Holness, others’ meeting with Trump over Venezuela

Prime ministers within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have been sounding off over the decision of a select few Caribbean leaders to meet with United States (US) President Donald Trump last Friday in Florida to discuss the deepening political...more..

Crawford pledges support for students in Portland

Vice-president of the People’s National Party (PNP) and the PNP’s candidate for the upcoming East Portland by-election, Damion Crawford, has outlined several initiatives to assist with improving student achievement and outcomes in the parish....more..

Vaz pledges to assist CASE acquire university status in five years

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate, Ann-Marie Vaz says she will be partnering with administrators at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) to acquire university status in five years if she is elected member of parliament on...more..

Dental nightmare - Patients warned of jaw-dropping horror cases involving quack practitioners

An alarming shortage of registered dentists in Jamaica has led to a surge in botched services as patients pay a heavy toll chasing after dirt-cheap options. The horror cases have local dentists worried amid a refusal by clients to heed warnings....more..

Ann-Marie Vaz: Hold me accountable - Vowed to daughter to pull out if mudslinging gets too nasty

The thought of following her husband into the rough and tumble world of representational politics was completely alien to Ann-Marie Vaz. By her own admission, she was comfortable caring for her children, building a sound family structure, and being...more..

Crawford sells self-reliance - In second foray, PNP VP says goats are no gimmick

Damion Crawford, the charismatic People’s National Party’s (PNP) candidate in Portland Eastern, said he will not be buying truckloads of fast food to feed his constituents because he respects them too much. Instead, he is selling something – self-...more..