Modern slavery - Lawmakers blast security companies for shafting guards, prosecution on the cards

All but one of the nearly three dozen private security firms contracted by government ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs) are flouting the law either by short-changing their guards or not making maternity payments to females, an...more..

Holness submitted additional info to Integrity Commission

Prime Minister Andrew Holness last month submitted additional documents to the Integrity Commission based on queries the body made over his 2017 statutory declarations. Holness and several other serving and former parliamentarians, including Zavia...more..

Robinson: Not appealing NIDS ruling the sensible thing to do

The People’s National Party (PNP) has welcomed the decision by the Government not to appeal the recent Constitutional Court ruling on the National Identification and Registration Act (NIRA), on which the National Identification System (NIDS) was to...more..

MLK’s niece urges Ja not to go down abortion road - Warns against America’s ‘mistake’ during tour of Kingston homes

Dr Alveda King, the niece of one of United States’ most celebrated civil rights activists, Martin Luther King Jr, is appealing to Jamaican lawmakers to steer clear of making abortion legal in the island. King, an international human rights advocate...more..

Political ombudsman to investigate Tomlinson’s tweet

By the middle of next week, Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown expects to lay to rest all issues surrounding a tweet made last Wednesday by People’s National Party Youth Organisation President Krystal Tomlinson, likening Prime Minister...more..

Driver flees as gunmen pepper delivery truck with bullets in St James

Western Bureau: A delivery truck driver’s strong determination and skill in maintaining focus despite coming under a hail of bullets are credited for his and his co-workers’ escape from brazen gunmen who attacked them in what is believed to be an...more..

Another sentencing delay for cops in Kirkland case

Constables Andrewain Smith, Durvin Hayles, and Anna-Kay Bailey will have to wait a few more days before they know if trial judge Justice Carol Lawrence-Beswick will grant them a non-custodial sentence, following submissions from defence attorneys...more..

Justice Roy Anderson is The Gleaner’s reader ombudsman

As part of its continued commitment to resolve all public complaints relating to its content, The Gleaner’s reader ombudsman stands ready to hear your concerns. He is retired High Court judge, Justice Roy Anderson, who assumed duties in 2018....more..

$300m gas giveaway - Petrojam, Gov’t gave up chunk of revenue from price cut near elections

Petrojam and the Government gave up revenue totalling close to $300 million because of the decision taken by former general manager of the state-owned oil refinery, Floyd Grindley, to shave $2 off the ex-refinery price of gasolene products around...more..

More heat on Holness

Two prominent business leaders have renewed calls for Prime Minister Andrew Holness to address frontally issues surrounding his yet-to-be-cleared statutory declarations. Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) President Howard Mitchell said...more..