Used-car ‘free-for-all’ - Dealers lament rogue players profiteering while beating policy rules

USED-CAR DEALERS who play by the rules are now being left behind, as a flood of new operators are employing deviant strategies to sell imported second-hand vehicles, reducing the industry to a free-for-all. “We are not happy and our members at...more..

As Gov’t fumbles with body cams, a security company invests in hundreds

WHILE THE Jamaican police force and the army have had a piecemeal and stop-start engagement of body cameras over the years, private security companies have gradually incorporated the video-surveillance equipment as a crucial backstop in monitoring...more..

Exam rejig rankles principals, students

School administrators and secondary-school students have criticised the decision to change exam dates, with the acting president of the Association of Principals and Vice Principals, Lynton Weir, expressing “serious concern” about performance...more..

George W. Bush calls out racial injustices and celebrates protesters who ‘march for a better future’

 (SOURCE: Washington Post) – Former president George W. Bush addressed the nationwide protests in a statement Tuesday, commending the Americans demonstrating against racial injustice and criticizing those who try to silence them. “It is a strength wmore..

Rihanna closes all of her businesses globally for #BlackoutTuesday

(SOURCE: BET) – Rihanna has never been a stranger to the movement. She has made political statements through her music, her fashion choices, and even her speeches during awards shows.  Most recently, the business mogul spoke of the importance of unimore..

Police investigate shooting in St Philip

A 55-year-old St Philip man remains in stable condition at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital following a shooting incident at Duncans, St Philip around 7:30 last night. Police said Vincent Thorne of Lower Duncans, was shot to the left side of his head by a manmore..

Caricom IMPACS/UK ensure prison administrators and prisoners not forgotten in Grenada

On Monday, basic sanitation supplies and other related Covid-19 supplies were donated to the Grenada Prison Service to help minimise the risk of infection and transmission of Covid-19.more..

Magistracy Department of Grenada: Unrepresented Litigants

“This modified approach seeks to balance the safety of all persons who are involved or required for any matter before the Magistrate Courts with ensuring the continuation of the business of the Magistracy and access to justice.”more..

Supreme Court Registry: Continued suspension of Jury Trials

“The Supreme Court Registry wishes to remind the general public that all jury trials have been suspended until further notice.”more..