Used-car ‘free-for-all’ - Dealers lament rogue players profiteering while beating policy rules

USED-CAR DEALERS who play by the rules are now being left behind, as a flood of new operators are employing deviant strategies to sell imported second-hand vehicles, reducing the industry to a free-for-all. “We are not happy and our members at...more..

As Gov’t fumbles with body cams, a security company invests in hundreds

WHILE THE Jamaican police force and the army have had a piecemeal and stop-start engagement of body cameras over the years, private security companies have gradually incorporated the video-surveillance equipment as a crucial backstop in monitoring...more..

Exam rejig rankles principals, students

School administrators and secondary-school students have criticised the decision to change exam dates, with the acting president of the Association of Principals and Vice Principals, Lynton Weir, expressing “serious concern” about performance...more..

T&T COVID-19 ban splits ship worker wife, husband

WESTERN BUREAU: Had it not been for COVID-19, Jamaica-born cruise ship worker Dujan Thomas would have disembarked the Disney Fantasy with his Trinidadian wife, Sabrina, when the vessel docked in the twin-island state recently. However, with the T...more..

Tributes pour in as Alison McLean passes

THERE HAS been an outpouring of praise and sympathy from local and international organisations in reaction to the passing of Alison McLean, former head of the Child Development Agency (CDA) and United Nations (UN) representative. She was 59. McLean...more..

Smooth transition cited as work-from-home order elapses

As the work-from-home order expired on May 31 and employees returned to physical workplaces on Monday, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (MEGJC), Audrey Sewell, said that things got off to a smooth start at her...more..

Battered US cities clean up, brace for more unrest

WASHINGTON (AP): A country convulsed by violent protests picked up the pieces on Monday and braced for more trouble amid a coast-to-coast outpouring of rage over police killings of black people. President Donald Trump demanded that the nation’s...more..

Garbage men stumble on foetus in trash

Investigators attached to the Kingston Eastern police are investigating the gruesome circumstances surrounding the discovery of a foetus that was found on Monday wrapped in newspaper and placed in a black plastic bag inside a garbage barrel. The...more..

#JamaicaTogether Promo | Aloun N’Dombe Assamba

“This COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in so many ways. We hope that after we have settled down from this pandemic, we will become a greater people than we were before as a nation.” – Aloun N’Dombe Assamba Chief Executive Officer, COK...more..

Phillips sends ominous warning to ‘Gang of 15’

As another bout of fractiousness racks the 81-year-old People’s National Party (PNP), its beleaguered president Dr Peter Phillips has given an ominous warning to the ‘Gang of 15’. “There...more..